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AEG secures substantial refunds from all utilities including electric, gas, water/sewer, Con Ed steam, and ESCO supply charges. You'll appreciate that since services are based on a contingency basis, there is no charge unless we determine there's been an error and secure a refund or credit.


AEG provides expert consulting on all phases of submetering projects from design and specification through commissioning and reading and billing services. Residential buildings that convert from direct Con Ed metering to submetering can offset building electric costs by 30%-50%. In addition, unmetered services or inaccurate tenant submeters results in lost revenue and increased expenses. By identifying and correcting submetering deficiencies, we have recovered $millions for building owners and established ongoing additional revenue, creating added value to the property.


AEG is a full-service Energy Consulting Company. We provide extensive consulting and added value services for energy related construction projects for sustainability and carbon footprint reduction. AEG consults on projects including Con Ed steam to boiler conversions, HVAC system upgrades, co-generation, back-up generators and others. We also assist with all energy related NYC Local Laws associated with benchmarking and reducing Green House Gas emissions.


Whether you're a landlord or tenant and in a dispute or litigation over energy charges, AEG has the expertise to address and, more often than not, amicably resolve utility related disputes. AEG will review metering systems, leases, offering plans and bills, and identify any issues impacting energy revenue, and provide all services associated with correcting the issue and recovering retroactive charges. Further, we can ensure you are equitably allocating energy costs for central heating and cooling plants. AEG has assisted in settling $millions in disputes between landlords and tenants over central plant, CAM, electric rent inclusion or submetering charges.


Are you interested in budget reliability - or saving money? Most owners will say BOTH! AEG does not represent brokers or ESCOs. As exclusive owner’s consultants, we’ll provide an objective evaluation of your ESCO provider’s rates versus market rates, whether the ESCO is billing your account properly and whether you’re saving money. The fact is, the budget reliability that comes with locking in a fixed rate can often result in paying higher charges, and index rates that track the market are also often not advantageous. AEG will assist in putting together a procurement bid package or otherwise assist in securing fair market-based pricing and advise on contract terms and related items that are consistent with your electric and gas supply cost objectives.

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